Household Recycling Centres

Veolia Telford and Wrekin
HRC Hortonwood

Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) offer people the opportunity to bring their household recycling and waste to a collection point, from where it can be bulked up and sent on to the relevant facilities to be reprocessed. Telford and Wrekin has two HRCs: Hortonwood 50, and, Halesfield 1.  Please scroll down for site details.

Both Hortonwood 50, and, Halesfield 1 are open 7 days per week, 362 days of the year; they are only closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.  

There are over 30 different household items that can be brought to the recycling centres, from cookers to cartons, and toys to TVs, including any extra items that people might not be able to fit into their purple top bin (plastic, cans, glass) or blue bag (paper and card). If you regularly get more recycling that you can fit in your household recycling containers, you can request extra containers at  For a list of items that can be taken to the HRCs can be found here.

Our HRCs have helpful staff available to advise you on where to put your items. To ensure that everyone’s visit is as easy and swift as possible, please sort your waste into the various recycling categories before visiting a HRC.

Site rules and guidance


If you are bringing asbestos you must phone in advance. Monday to Friday 9am-5pm call 0203 567 6470 and Saturday to Sunday 9am-5pm call 0203 567 6482. For more information about asbestos and the safe removal of it, please visit

E-permits required for certain vehicles.

Anyone bringing their household waste to an HRC in a trailer or commercial type vehicle must have an entry permit (see link below for e-permit details).  Please check what vehicles are allowed to visit our HRC sites, especially before hiring a vehicle, certain vehicles are not allowed to access our HRCs, and will be turned away, even if you have already hired it. See link below for info.

Trade Waste

Trade waste cannot legally be accepted at any of the household recycling centres. Examples of business or trade waste include: waste from a builder or tradesperson carrying out work on a house they do not live in, waste from a landlord of a property, or someone offering to clear waste from a house that's not their own. 

Site Kind

We kindly ask that all visitors to site treat our staff with respect.

Children onsite

HRCs are busy sites - children and pets must stay in the vehicle at all times.


We work with local charities to provide items for reuse - if you have an item that you think could be resused, please speak to a member of the team at Hortonwood or at Halesfield on your next visit. Please note we can't accept electric items. For more infomation on our reuse scheme click here. 

Don't let good things go to waste HRC staff are on hand to give advice on where your items can be recycled and even help you sort any recyclable items from your bags.

Prepare for your visit 

We encourage residents to prepare for their visit to the HRC by separating their recycling and waste materials into the material categories prior to visiting. This makes it easier for you to recycle when you arrive, and helps your visit be as smooth as possible. Site maps can be found below, but if there are items you're not sure of staff are also on site for you to ask their help and advise.

View the Queue

You can view a live video of the entrance to the HRCs before you set out, this allows you to save your time by avoiding the queues. See the “View the Queue” link below. Please note that HRCs can be particularly busy during weekends and bank holidays, so if it’s possible for you to use the sites outside of these times, we advise you do so. Should queues reach excessive waiting times, we will communicate this via the Telford & Wrekin Council social media pages. 


Hortonwood HRC

Hortonwood 50




Halesfield HRC

Halesfield 1





Map of Halesfield HRC

Map showing the location of skips for various materials at the Household Recycling Centre

Map of Hortonwood HRC

Map showing the location of various skips and deposit areas for different items at the Household Recycling Centre